Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tango 2 Aux Tank Progress

I've been working on a 15 gallon aux tank for the #TangoTimeMachine.  I sized the divinycell, bondo- tagged it together and micro wiped the inside radiuses for the first cure.
Cure two was covering the inside of the tank with 2 plies of fiberglass, followed by grinding off the corners, beveling the core, and covering the outside in 1 ply of fiberglass for the 3rd cure cycle.
During the process, I was getting a little nervous about having made the tank big enough.  I had measured the volume and run the numbers several times, but with the tank sitting next to a 5 gallon gas tank (the kind you buy when you run out of gas), it didn't seem big enough.  Yesterday I finally had to opportunity to get a rough volume test, and it was able to hold 4 full 5 gallon buckets of water.  Whew!
Last night I layed up the top part, and the closeout flanges around the inside top of the tank.

Next will be fitting the tank with the fuel pickup line, and making sure the core areas are sealed before closing out the top of the tank.
Build time to date: 5 hrs.

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