Sunday, June 15, 2014

Some details about the Glasair:

Aircraft:                Glasair II-S FT, N6940P
Engine:                 Lycoming IO-3690-B1E, 180 HP, Dual LSE Plasma III ignition
Prop:                     72” Hartzell Constant Speed Prop

Fuel Capacity: 69 gallons (as built) plus 15 gallon temporary transfer tank in baggage area
Range (no reserve):        1460nm at 165 KTAS (7.8 gph, 10,500’ MSL)

                                           1844 nm at 155 KTAS (5.8 gph, 15,500’ MSL)

Estimate for MHV to OSH: under 10 hours no wind

Transfer tank provides comfortable 2 hour reserve.

First flight:           Jan 2011
Aircraft time:      600 hours as of Jul 2014
MGTW:                2200 lbs
Useful Load:         875 lbs
Baggage:              100 lbs

Pilot/Builder:                     Doug Dodson, Rosamond, CA (home airport: L00)
                                                - Retired USAF flight test engineer
                                                - ATP, CFI, FAST qualified
                                                - A&P

Doug fabricating factory option wing extensions in Jan 2013.  These can be fabricated to hold fuel but he decided 69 gallons was plenty.  Then Zack suggested a group non-stop to Oshkosh!  If they were made to hold fuel then the temporary transfer tank would not be necessary!

My wife Gail and I made a 4 week trip throughout the Caribbean in the Glasair with several other EAA members in their E-AB aircraft in Apr 2013 culminating in a visit to the Amazon River just south of the equator in Brazil.

We travel extensively in the Glasair for business and recreation.  The airplane is a great sport plane but was built for travel!

See our slide show on YouTube:
Voyage to the Equator

Gail and Doug just after completing first flight in Jan 2011.

Check back... in the near future, see and read about the fabrication of the temporary transfer tank.

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